We are in the CONCEPT STAGE  and looking for your input!

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go We are working on a new Gross Only event series or “gathering”.  This is not meant to compete with the already fantastic events in Central Oregon including the COGT, the Winter Series and others, but is instead to offer an additional level of competition for those who wish to compete in gross only events.  to Central Oregon golf.  The goal is not 100-player fields, the goal is a smaller group with a more challenging mindset, we realize that limits the number of potential participants.


go to link Currently we are in an “idea” phase and we welcome all ideas.  Please feel free to reach out with positive, negative and all ideas pertaining to this potential new series of golf.

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click here term paper writing service Ideas we are working on.
  • Gross Only
  • Low cost (Negotiated Green fees plus $20)
  • 100% payback (Top Stick receives $0 profit from entries or green fees)
  • Smaller percentage of $ winners  (20% of field)
  • Winnings to be paid in form of gift cards or Top Stick Chit to be used locally at Pro Golf Bend (potentially other places as well).
  • With enough players 4 flights
    • Open flights (Flight A (+5 to 4), Flight B (4.1 to 9,9)
    • Senior Flight A (+5 to 4), Senior Flight B (4.1 to 9.9)  Seniors is 50+)
    • All groups play from the same tees
  • One event monthly on Sundays (for those of us who work M-F)
  • Keep events conflict free from other events
  • Payback and results at the course.
  • Top 40 rankings for Central Oregon Golf Rankings.
    • To be displayed on  (Who wants to be the Top Ranked golfer in Central Oregon)
    • Best 8 events of 12 count towards ranking.
    • 1 Point for every player beat in each event.
      • Win an event with 20 players get 19 points
      • Two classes Senior and Open
      • All flights within class grouped together for points purposes.

What are your thoughts? We value all input –   Send your thoughts and ideas to


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